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Businessman looking worried

Businessman looking worried
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illustration; Adult; Adversity; Authority; Bondage; Boredom; Budget; Bureaucracy; Business; Caucasian Ethnicity; Chain; Chair; Computer Graphic; Concepts; Conquering Adversity; Control; Crime; Danger; Deadline; Dependency; Depression; Desk; Displeased; Domination; Emotional Stress; Failure; Forbidden; Front View; Frustration; Full Length; Grief; Guilt; Hopelessness; Illustration And Painting; Leash; Locking; Loss; Occupation; One Man Only; One Person; Over-Burdened; Politics; Poverty; Pressure; Problems; Punishment; Responsibility; Restraining; Sadness; Security; Sitting; Slavery; Struggle; Stuck; Trapped; Vertical; Vulnerability; Worried; Looking; Businessman; Business Person; Clock; Time; Despair; Upset; Disappointment; Laptop; Computer; Wireless Technology; Technology; Clip Art; Monopoly; Control; Domination; Business; Working; Trapped; Dependency; Leash; Bondage; punishment; work bondage; stagnant; boredom; depression; Police; Concepts; Security; Forbidden; Emotional Stress; Chain; Business; trapped; Pressure; Authority; Control; Domination; Security; Death; Danger; Depression; Disappointment; Frustration; Grief; Sadness; Emotional Stress; Surprise; Aspirations; Judgement; Conquering Adversity; Adversity; Hopelessness; Problems; Struggle; Effort; Pursuit; Wealth; Business; Finance; Horizontal; Negative Emotion; Displeased; Caucasian Ethnicity; Occupation; Working; Fragility; Crime; Despair; One Person; Guilt; Poverty; Adult; Politics; Slavery; Remote; Fine; Bondage; Blame; Locking; Restraining; Stuck; White Collar Worker; Punishment; Stock Market; Debt; Bureaucracy; Over-Burdened; Complaining; Responsibility; Vulnerability; Budget; Casualty; Monopoly; Corporate Business; Overworked. ;